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‘Love is our birthplace, our final refuge, and our reason for being. If we recognize that compassion and love are the ultimate destination of our search, the heart of the Universe itself responds.’

Namadeva Acharya (Thomas Ashley-Farrand)

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Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, and Teacher of Sanskrit Mantra

Brendon’s Light shines brightly. As a Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, and Teacher of

Sanskrit Mantra, he steeps himself in these ancient healing practices daily.


He was raised in Boxford, MA where he spent much of his time enjoying the peaceful woods, and playing classical woodwind instruments. He noticed early on that the peace he enjoyed from playing music was similar to that which he found in nature. This awareness of the presence of healing energy ignited a curiosity within which led him to learn about the life of the Buddha, and to begin a meditation practice at the age of ten.


This early introduction to meditation, combined with his rigorous classical music training and deep connection to the Earth would eventually ‘tip the scales’ for Brendon. A powerful and intimate experience with Sanskrit mantra early in his yoga teacher training led Brendon to his mantra teacher and Reiki Master, Theresa Thompson. Brendon studied mantra and Reiki with Theresa for several years at the International Institute for Practical Spirituality.

He’s since studied with many other great teachers including Bill Barry, Stephen Harrington,

and Namadeva Acharya, Thomas Ashley-Farrand.



- Individual session

- Group healings

Spiritual Counseling 

- Sanskrit Mantra Consultation 

- Private Spiritual Counseling Session

- 5 session package/10 session package 

Guided Meditation 

- Individual sessions

- Group sessions  

- Private events

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Mantra Samadhi is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Ipswich, MA

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"Working with Brendon is a breath of fresh air for the soul. The level of integrity in the gifts that he shares with his clients resonates deeply. As a healthcare professional I would not hesitate to recommend Brendon’s services to patients, friends, and family. Brendon meets you wherever you are on your journey without judgement and helps you to tap into the language of your body and soul. He is such a clear and natural facilitator working with you to identify areas that may benefit from attunement. I experienced an entirely new level of coherence in my heart, mind, and body after our time together.  I continue to watch profound shifts unfold both in myself and in my life as a result of this new level of alignment. Brendon is both gentle and wise.  I could not be more confident in recommending this experience and investment in self to others. We all deserve to be guided back home to ourselves by such a skilled and caring practitioner."

- Emily 


Meeting Brendon for the first time was like reconnecting with an old friend.  I admire his natural ability to intently listen to me babble while he prepares me and the room for our session.  Then as you relax onto the table, he gently offers a few words of enlightenment that deeply touches your soul and clicks new perspectives into your thoughts.  His Reiki session is like no other I have experienced due to the peaceful energy he creates and invites into the room.   I highly recommend you allow him to bless you with the ancient sounds of the Sanskrit during your treatment.  Its like hearing a lullaby from your ancestors.  I can literally feel their energetic love radiating through his nurturing hands connecting to me.    


- Brandy RN

" When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

"I was blessed to have Brendon mentioned to me by a friend, not even knowing what he did exactly. I was at the after hours party of the wake from the passing of a dear friend. So interesting to look back because I remember on this day I decided to stop listening to others and to listen to my heart and live the life I was meant to live. Life is too short, this young man I knew died so unexpectedly so I had this epiphany. This was the day I was reborn. It was a pivotal moment for me. A few hours later a mutual friend gave me Brendon's number.

I had just gotten out of an emotionally abusive relationship. All of my art and music were put to the way side. I forgot how to access joy and freedom. I made a pact to myself to live differently and only allow people in my life that enhance my light, not dim it. My vibration was low and I was desperate to find help to raise me to the level I was meant to be. 

When I met Brendon, I knew instantly that he has knowledge that I craved and a lifestyle I had always been drawn to. His teachings have given me the power to design my life like a garden. I chose what flowers or plants I want to flourish and nurture. I also remove the weeds when necessary, as hard as that can be. 

I chanted under his direction and my life has rocketed into something I have always dreamed of. I am full of light, life, music, love, art, freedom, wisdom and so much more. 

The song playing is the song I created for him and a representation of what feelings are evoked on this spiritual path. Thank you so much Brendon for being one of the best things that has ever happened to me!"

 - Jess Santacroce


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"Brendon’s ability to connect and heal both physically and emotionally has been an extremely powerful experience.  His authenticity and integrity leading his practice through love and compassion is truly a gift.  Working at a Fortune 10 company, I did not believe in energy work.  Brendon opened my eyes to a new way of physical and emotional healing.  My experiences are incredible as he restores the balances of my body.  I can literally feel whatever negative energy (stress, grief, etc.) i am carrying leave my body after a session.  Brendon has showed me how and the importance of being able to connecting with my soul.  These intangible results are nothing but powerful and impactful physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I highly recommend Brendon, as I personally feel he is absolutely one of the top energy workers in New England."  

- Christina  - Associate Director,

M&AEnterprise Integrations

"I had a chance encounter and met Brendon while out and about. I ended up booking a Reiki session with him for the following week. I’ve wanted to try Reiki for a while, but it got away from me, and here the opportunity presented itself. I knew I would like it, but I am SHOCKED what a profound experience it was! Not just mentally, but physically, and emotionally. The sound immersion juxtaposed with the traditional Reiki, takes the mind to a deeper place, if you let it. It honestly felt like the catalyst for starting the next chapter of my life. I’m seriously so grateful for people like Brendon who share their gift with the world. He is so talented, and has a powerful story. Will return."

- Hannah

“Brendon is a prize facilitator of energy and a valuable resource within our community.  
Upon entering his energetic field I immediately feel grounded and calm.


Brendon has been my mantra teacher, reiki practitioner and friend for many years.   
His devotion to chanting is steeped in personal growth, experience, and a desire to always be learning.  My partner, who had no prior chanting experience, describes his first mantra
event with Brendon as 'out-of-body, deeply relaxing and meditative.'  
He couldn't stop talking about it!


On the reiki table I am instantly transported to a healing space by the scent of lightly burning incense, ancient Sanskrit sounds, and the felt presence of my spirit
guides.  By the time the session is over I have either fallen asleep or experienced a
radical energetic shift due to the supportive, mindful and comforting environment 
Brendon creates.


Whether you are someone just starting to develop a relationship to your spirituality or have been on the Path for many years, I highly recommend Brendon's expertise.”

- Ashley Matthews, Owner, Ride the Wave Yoga, NBPT

"For a long time my practical mind couldn’t appreciate the gift of energy work. Few “light workers” have been able to seep through the cracks of my skepticism. Brendon’s work is different. He is a truly gifted and gentle soul and I am transported through every Reiki session with him to a place where I can access the wisdom that my deeper self holds for me. The sacred sound healing of his Sanskrit mantra chanting is a powerful and unique addition to his work. I recommend Brendon wholeheartedly!"

- Sarah

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, seeking counsel  from Brendon through video chat brought about unrivaled inner peace and an antidote to overwhelming anxiety while in quarantine. His distance Reiki session was one of the most mentally, physically, and spiritually invigorating experiences of my life. It was like visiting a chiropractor for the mind, and for weeks afterward, I could see the tangible results of a renewed positivity and an empowering sense of inner peace that came about from the first session. Brendon is truly one of the kindest, most empathetic people I have ever known. His astounding knowledge and skill in the ways of Reiki, Sanskrit, Eastern philosophy, herbalism, and so much more has made him an extraordinary healer and teacher. His impact on my life continues to be profoundly positive, and my family and I are forever grateful for how much more capable and optimistic I am thanks to him. “

- Rob

"Brendon is a direct transmission of teachings, there’s nothing to be said.  


If a student gets nothing from him either unprepared (incapable) or they have
other work to do - wholesome physical labor may open them. 

...this simply is, all any of can do offer our best, kind gentle generous (mercy)
if (occurs) unable help another, this too is a teaching. "



"Working with Brendon has set my spirit on a new trajectory. This tiny, gentle shift to my internal compass continues to amaze me with the abundance it offers. I
highly recommend a conversation with Brendon if nothing else.
I am grateful I was not dismissive to that which I did not understand.

Brendon and I crossed paths, almost by accident, and although I was a bit reserved, he came highly recommended. He had this way of saying nothing and everything all at once. His presence has a way of validating my spirit and allowing me to be “enough”
on my own merits.

This is a testimonial, so that is what “you’re supposed to say” and yet I still feel like my praise is inadequate in light of the impact he’s had. I am a color-coding, alphabetizing, pragmatic, type A who disassociates from emotions and moves through the world with a straight-forward cost benefit analysis for everything I do. While this approach to life has allowed success in my professional career, it is a handicap to my spiritual growth, and I have always felt perpetually inadequate. On this endless pursuit for perfection, a destination that will never come.

It’s not as though that has absolved entirely, but my heart has lifted, and my perspective shifted under Brendon’s guidance. I am enjoying the journey, wherever that may lead."



"Brendon Nay is incredibly intuitive in his process of offering Reiki, and I am so grateful for him sharing knowledge of this practice. During Reiki sessions with Brendon, you will experience profound transformation. 


Before visiting Brendon, I was experiencing burnout from my 50+ hrs/week job. 


After each reiki session with Brendon, I always feel physically lighter, mentally more clear, and emotionally more free.


Now that I have also learned Reiki from Brendon, I now have a proven self-care method to balance and increase my energy levels that always delivers results. I have transformed the way I care for myself and others and it feels amazing! 


I highly recommend Brendon and Mantra Samadhi to anyone who must increase self care, develop deeper spiritual connection, and most importantly, increase overall happiness! 


Huge thank you to Brendon Nay & Mantra Samadhi."


Charlie Jacobs

Founder Come Alive Yoga + Wellness

"I first met Brendon at a local Vitamin Shop.  As strange as it sounds I felt an instant connection to him.  We ended up speaking for over 30 minutes about life, stress, personalities, and digestive issues.  As we were leaving he mentioned he practiced Reki and that I needed to come see him.  He gave me his card and I called that day to book an appointment.  I am so thankful for that chance encounter.   I have done Reki in the past with absolutely no benefits.  The results I have experienced and achieved with Brendon have exceeded my expectations.  I have learned to appreciate all that life has to offer, and live that life at a slower pace. 


My mind, body, and spirit feel unbelievable.  Brendon's patience and listening skills set him apart.  I particularly feel that his chanting brings my sessions to another level allowing me to feel an incredibly lovely other worldly experience.


I make a conscious effort each morning to be present and thankful,
Brendon has been a huge part of my everyday success."



"40 years in construction has been great! Frostbite, muscle, tendon damage,
frozen & melted lunches! I don’t think I’d want it any other way!


Oh ya then I found Brendon, the man has a gift. My aches, and other tension issues have been greatly reduced. I have benefited from both in person sessions as well as distance
Reiki from Brendon. He has been the one constant relief I have found for most of
the pain and tension I have." 



"In my line of work, I am in contact with the public by helping to meet people’s needs finding the best available solution to their challenges.  Although, I consider my work to be quite satisfying, every so often I need my energy level rejuvenated, as well.


Through Brendon Nay’s high level of experience as Reiki Master, I am extremely comfortable and at ease with his professionalism, his demeanor, his compassion, and his good heartedness.  I have known Brendon for quite sometime and have taken advantage of several services he offers.  Always more than satisfied. 


I look forward to my visits not only for my own health and wellness but for those I interact with on a day to day basis.  After all, we must be at peace with ourselves in order to be at peace with others.


Brendon, thank you for the work you do!"


Mary Frances

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